"Playing Tomorrow's Polkas.... Today!"
Polkarioty - a polka / variety band featuring a blend of many styles of
music.  Be it a polka, waltz, country, rock, latin, or just about any other
style of music, we play it with enthusiasm, energy and stage presence to
bring you a mix of music and show.
Making sure we have a good time so you can have a good time
and an enjoyable live music experience!!
This site last updated  July 16, 2020
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Our band books as a one, two or three piece group.
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We have been
recording new videos
and uploading them to
youtube.  Be sure to
watch our latest!
Below is a link to our
youtube channel.
We have a winner for the
"Name That Polka Contest"!
Della from the U.P. of
Michigan has the winning title
of "POLKA SMILES" plus she
has written two verses to the
melody.  We had several
people submit a name for the
song and a few also sent in
words.  Thanks to all who
participated and a special
thanks to our winner, Della!
We know most people are not
attending any dances and
bands are not playing
because of the Covid19 virus.
To keep our fans entertained
we are offering a special sale
of all our CD's at a price of
$10.00 each!  Order as many
or as few as you want and the
shipping is only $3.00 per
order.  The "Recordings" link
above will take you to the
complete list. Click this link
below for the orderform. Print
it out and send in your order.
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