July 1  Ho Chunk Casino  4-7  Black River Falls, WI  (cancelled)
July  3  Traunik Hall  7-11  Traunik, MI  (cancelled)
July 11  Folkfest  12:30-2pm    Manistique, MI (cancelled)
July  14 The Webb  1-4  Cameron, WI (cancelled)
July  15  Concert In The Park  7-9  Greenwood, WI  (cancelled)
July  16  Festival Ironwood  4-8  Ironwood, MI  (cancelled)
July  23  Old National Bank Summer Concert Series  7-8pm  Chanhassen, MN (cancelled)

August  1  Community Center  (private)  7-10:30  Eagle Harbor, MI  (cancelled)
August  7  Ashley For The Arts  Pavilion Stage  Arcardia, WI (cancelled)
August  11  The Webb  1-4  Cameron, WI  (cancelled)
August  23  The Browtine  1-4  Amery, WI  (cancelled)
August  29  
Austin Artworks Festival  1:30-2:30  Austin, MN

Sept  8  The Webb  1-4  Cameron, WI  (cancelled)
Sept  12  Wedges Creek  
OKTOBERFEST  6-9  Willard, WI
Sept  16  American Legion Club  1-4  Pine City, MN
Sept  20  The Browtine  1-4  Amery, WI
Sept  25  
OKTOBERFEST    La Crosse, WI  (cancelled)
Sept  26  OKTOBERFEST   La Crosse, WI  (cancelled)
Sept  30  Moose Club  1-4  Menomonie, WI  (cancelled)

Oct  3   OKTOBERFEST    5:30-10  Burlington, IA  (cancelled)
Oct  10  Dorchester Memorial Hall  (private wedding) Dorchester, WI
Oct  13  The Webb  1-4   Cameron, WI
Oct  14  Bay Mills Casino  
OKTOBERFEST 1-6  Brimley, MI  (cancelled)
Oct  17  OKTOBERFEST   2-10pm Legendary Waters Resort & Casino  Bayfield, WI
(alternating with the Steve Meisner Band)
Oct  21  Moose Club  1-4  Menomonie, WI
Oct  22  Colby Retirement Community  1:30-2:20  Colby, WI

Nov  10  The Webb  1-4  Cameron, WI
Nov  18  Moose Club  1-4  Menomonie, WI

Dec 6  Loyal Legion Hall  (private)  3-5:15  Loyal, WI
Dec  8  The Webb  1-4  Cameron, WI
Dec  13  The Browtine  1-4  Amery, WI
Dec  30  Moose Club  1-4  Menomonie, WI

*all dates listed are subject to change
(all dates are public dances unless noted otherwise)
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