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Polkarioty music
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1. Grandpa's Polka
2. This Old House
3. Full Moon
4. Dorothy's Waltz
5. Pistol Packin' Mama
6. I Long For You
7. My Sweetheart Darling
8. Virginia Waltz
9. Give Me A Kiss
10. Gina Marie Waltz
11. Prairie Moon
12. Mitch's Polka
13. Della's Waltz
14. Half As Much
15. Tears On My Pillow
This CD contains 23 songs
which includes all the songs
from Richie's very first
album plus 45 rpm singles
all from the "Early Years" of
the band from the early to
mid 1970's.
1. Polka Tyme Wisconsin Style
2. Parisian Holiday Polka
3. Gone Away Waltz
4. Rudy's Polka
5. My Wife Is Happy
6. Forget Me Never  (button box)
7. WXEN Polka
8. You Are My Sunshine
9. Popp's Waltz
10. Wisconsin Polka
11. I Saw Esau Polka
12. Somewhere My Love
13. Broken Wine Glass Polka
14. Losey's Polka
15. Old Oklahoma Waltz
16. Girl Of Extremes
17. Losey's Landing Polka
1. Sleigh Ride Polka
2. Mine, All Mine Polka
3. Alpine Memories
4. Polka Tyme Wisconsin Style
5. Mr. Button*
6. Sunset Waltz
7. Bittersweet Love
8. Bee Vee Polka
9. Lacey Leigh Waltz
10. Old Fashioned Memories
11. #1 Button Box Way*
12. Birthday Toy Accordion
13. Bucky's Polka
14. Button Box Delight*
15. Popp's Waltz
16. Tricky Dick's Polka
17. Polka Holiday
18. Forget Me Never*
19. Polka Princess
20. Checkerboard Polka
21. Peaceful Valley Waltz
22. Squirlley Shirley Polka
23. Mexicana
24. Grandpa's Polka
25. Tower Hill Polka
(*denotes Button Box songs)