I wrote the melody for this song in 1985.  Another of those melodies that just popped into my head as I was
practicing my accordion.  I needed words for the song so Lynne Proksch wrote the words and we recorded
this song on our "Old Fashioned Memories" recording in May of 1986.  That recording featured Chico on
banjo, Gabe on drums, Lynne sang the vocal and I played the accordion, organ, horn and bass parts.  We
decided to record this song again in 2006 and release it on our "Squeeze Box Man" recording.  I thought
the song needed a second verse so Kathy Konkol wrote the second verse and we recorded it again with
Kathy playing drums, sax and singing the vocal part, Karl Wallin playing banjo, Scott Benson playing guitar,
Jeff Walker playing second accordion and myself playing lead accordion and the bass part.  This song is a
fun song to play and we still play it quite regularly at our gigs.  

This song was written about the year 2004.  It just started as a melody that came to mind as I was practicing
some songs.  I played around with it for quite awhile before getting around to recording it in 2009.  Actually
just the basis tracks were laid down at the time.  It just happend that our late friend and fellow musician Mike
McIntyre was visiting our family for a few days and I told him I've got a couple songs I'd like to lay down
some tracks for.  So, Mike played bass and banjo on this song. At the same time our son Mitch was still in
the area so I had Mitch play the drum tracks.  I recorded the first accordion and organ parts and we had the
basics for the song.  In 2013 I wanted to include this song on our "Musical Menu" CD so I asked Scott
Koehn to play the 2nd accordion part and I added the vocal.  As a special part to this song I wanted our
grandkids to help sing two words, "E,I,O" and "Go".  So I setup the microphone in my recording studio,
cued the kids when to sing and they did their part.  I added their words to those same words which were
already on the recording and sung by myself, Gabe, and Scott &Pam Koehn. We play this polka at almost
everyone of our dances, it has become a favorite!

I wrote this song in the late 1970's.  We used to play at a bar in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin called “Ed's
Bar”.  The bartender there when we played was a lady named Shirley.  She was quite the person and ran a
very interesting bar with a number of characters.  Because of her personality I told her I would write a song
for her and one day wrote the words and music for this song.  We recorded it in 1982 and it is on our
“Classy Polkas” recording as well as a re-recording on our “25th Anniversary” recording. The original
recording had Gabe playing drums, Ron Gief playing banjo and Rob Wernberg playing bass.  I played the
accordion and organ parts and sang the lead vocal.  A very good friend and fan of our band, Bonnie
Meissner sang the harmony vocal. The second recording had Gabe on drums Ron on banjo and Ralph
Proksch playing guitar parts on his midi-accordion.  I played the lead accordion, bass and organ parts and
also sang the vocal.  This song has also been recorded by some other polka bands. We still play this song
often at our dances.

I wrote this song in either 1991 or 1992.  We recorded it in 1993 and is the title of the album.  I named it
Alpine Memories because to me it sounded like something you might hear in the mountain areas of Europe
or so I thought. It was a melody that just came to me as I was practicing my accordion, as is the way a lot of
the songs I have written.  One of the things I remember  most about this song is when we were recording it.  
My Dad, who passed away a few years later, would often stop by my recording studio just to visit and
mostly listen. He was there when I was working on the final parts of this song adding some extra accordion,
organ and flute parts.  I can still see him sitting on that bench behind me listening and then dozing off. The
accordion I used on this recording was a Petromillie that had a midi system installed.  The organ, string,
sax, flute and bass parts came from  Yamaha TX81Z and Roland U220 synthesizers. We were using a
Fostex 8-Track recorder.  The rest of the band members on the recording of this song were Lynne Proksch
on drums and  Chico Gregorich on banjo.  This is our most requested song and is referred to by some of
our fans as our "Million Dollar Seller".  (If only that were true!!!)  

The three of us, Gabe, our banjo/guitar player at the time Ronnie Geif and myself, wrote this song the
summertime of 1980 on our way home from La Crosse, Wisconsin.  We had just finished a three day week-
end string of gigs and being a bit tired for the drive home decided to write a song to keep ourselves
awake.  The words and melody just kind of flowed and by the time we made the two hour trip home and
except for tweaking a couple of words, we had the song finished.  We recorded this song on our “VARIETY”
recording in 1981.  Ron played guitar and sang the backup, Gabe played drums and I played the
accordion, bass and organ parts and sang the lead. We recorded the song in our recording studio which at
the time I was using a 4-track Teac recorder mixed down to 2-track analog tape.  The initial release was on
an LP record of which we had 500 pressed and shortly after released on cassette tape.  It is still available
on our “VARIETY” CD.  The accordion I played at that time and also used on the recording was a Model F
Iorio Accorgan.
“Amber Shades” is still a much requested song for us to play at our gigs.  It was recorded and we still play it
in a “cha-cha, rumba” style of tempo. I have had thoughts of recording it again with an updated version
using some different sounds so it may yet end up on one of our future releases.